How to use the carriage in Coriolis

Position sensor

A position sensor server has to be running.

If there is an error during the setup of the position_sensor_client.py, run:

python pos_sensor_server.py

Control the carriage

There are two methods.

Directly without server

Init with:

from carriage import Carriage

c = Carriage(True)

You can check the state with:


If state is “Fault (9)”:


If state is “Ready To Switch (4)”:


If state is “Operation Enabled (6)”, you can use the carriage. Read the doc of the functions! For example, in ipython:


With the carriage_server.py

Switch on the server:

python carriage_server.py

Open the carriage client in ipython:

run carriage_client.py

Warning: it prints in the server console.